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Another innovation that we have selected to help you assess stress and vascular health for you.

Easy to use
Just connect SMART PULSE to your smartphone or tablet, it only takes a few minutes to check.

 Share good health

Give your loved ones and acquaintances with the easy-to-use SMART PULSE device. With training courses “Advice on health care, stress and blood vessels” can be done like a professional.

How is your blood vessel health?

TYPE 1,2
- good blood circulation
- Low fat slag
- Reduce the risk of heart disease / cerebrovascular disease

 TYPE 3,4
- Began to have fat slag around the wall
- The blood vessels begin to narrow.
- May have high blood pressure
- Risk of heart disease, vascular disease
- Feeling tired easily

 TYPE 5,6,7
- Fat slag adheres to the artery wall
- high blood pressure Have side effects
- Risk of heart disease and coronary stenosis.
- Should be admitted to the doctor


Smart Pulse 

Personal health monitor, the world's first equipment Check the cardiovascular system yourself.
It is a medical device made in Korea.

Smart Pulse

Certified by China, Korea, Japan in Europe and Thailand, patented as HRV & APG analyzer in Korea and Japan.


Use the same technology as those used in hospitals. Is a precision device And widely used.

There are more than 20 research reports from around the world. Year. There are more than 75,000 general case studies and over 200 clinical studies.


Evaluation of risk for heart disease, diabetes, Narrowed blood vessels, paralysis.

Assess physical stress
1) Measure the stress tolerance
2) Average overall stress
3) Evaluate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system
Assess heart function stress
1) Measure the work and heartbeat
2) Measure the irregular heartbeat
3) assess for abnormalities of blood pumping in the heart
4) Evaluate the pumping of blood throughout the body.

Assess overall vascular health
1) Average of vascular conditions throughout the body
2) Assess the plaque that adheres to the artery wall.
3) assess blood elasticity
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